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57% of those between 45-70 have virtually no retirement savings.
That group will need $1.1 million to create a $35,000 per year income
during retirement. At 10% per year. That's over $1,300 per month for the next 20 years!

Blockchain Technologies

What Will a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency Look Like?

  While Pondering The Above Statement! Consider learning and Investing in Blockchain Technologies! Did You Know The Federal Reserve, is planning on Issuing A DIGITAL DOLLAR and will be the digital or electronic form of the U.S Currency issued that we will have no choice but to Except! Ok Don't Beleive It! Well Just like you use a card today at the store to pay for goods and walk on out, You never see any money in the transaction?

The Central Bank Digital Currencies" (CBDCs)

The Federal Reserve released a Report last week exploring opportunities to create a fully digital U.S. dollar, which could serve as a more stable alternative to other digital forms of money like cryptocurrency. Called "central bank digital currencies" (CBDCs). the currency would be equivalent to a digital form of paper money in the United States. Digital money is already prolific, with many modern transactions occurring over digital wallets and systems. According to an October 2021 piece by Harvard Business Review, over 97% of money in circulation is from online transactions.
Fed Releases Potential To Cryptocurrency.

How To Plan Ahead In The
Blockchain Technologies Transformation!

Now You Can Become An Educated Investor! Why? Well, There are over 8 BILLION people in the world and over 500,000,000 of them now have Crypto Wallets! And Nearly ALL Of Them Want To Accumulate Bitcoin! THE GLOBAL CRYPTO USER BASE Has SURPASSED 1/2 A BILLION IN 2023 - According To CRYPTO.COM REPORT...

What Will a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency Look Like?

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Education On BitCoin

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